Pilgrim Churches in Cavite

You might want to know how was my Visita Iglesia to some Pilgrim Churches in Cavite.

Check it out here: Visita Iglesia 2012 (Day 2) with Dad, Mom, and Maria

Also, my Easter Sunday visit to my wedding church:
Here: Visita Iglesia 2012 (Day 3) with Dad, Mom, and Yobs

Aren’t all of them lovely houses of God? Be amazed! Revisit Cavite’s history and beauty.

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Run with my Father, A Splendido Fun Run 2012 at Splendido Taal Country Club (Right After Tagaytay City)


Okay, this is just a repost from Facebook and I find it worthy to share with you, guys. I am interested in joining here on June 17, because I want to have some bonding moments with my Daddy. Moreover, he is gaining a lot of weight recently—his tummy sucks! So I want him to get back into shape and maybe this fun run would be the start of his losing some pounds. Hope to see you there!

Living to its reputation as Metro Tagaytay’s premiere center for Sports and Recreation, SPLENDIDO TAAL COUNTRY CLUB now presents


on June 17, 2012 Sunday 7:00 am.

On the said date, sports history shall be re-written, as family oriented running will take center stage over traditional individually oriented running. Conquering Splendido’s extremely challenging mountainside terrain with a family member is an experience every elite runner will dream about.

So we are inviting all the MEMBERS & STAFF of CLUB BALAI ISABEL to be a part of family oriented splendido culture, where competition gives way to values.

At Splendido we do not just RUN, we build a community of family oriented runners.

Race Details
2.5 km Family Run
5km Individual Run (Men’s & Women’s Division)
10 km Individual Run (Men’s & Women’s Division)

Early Bird Rate of 20% discount shall be given to those who will register before March 31, 2012

For more info pls contact us at nos.
Bryan – 09175563972 / 09235882559
John – 09474945708 / 09108132263
Badet – 09175920907
Grace – 09173473042
or visit our website www.splendidocountry.com

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Tagaytay Econo Inn, A Hotel Review

Tagaytay Econo Inn, A Hotel Review

Again, the boyfriend and I were in Tagaytay on our 24th monthsary. We celebrated it as simple as possible, as we were already preparing for our soon wedding—and we have to save money as much as possible.

I booked online for a room at Tagaytay Econo Inn—this time not from Agoda.com—but direct to TEI’s website. My reservation was for our December monthsary but due to our busy schedule, we only had the time to avail of the booking this month. Thank goodness: Cancellation is free. Well, it was a blessing in disguise, because we were on a tight budget and since I already paid almost 10% of the full payment ahead of time, Yobs paid P1,300 only, for a budget room.

First, we went to the reception building to check-in. The guard smiled at us with warmth, while the front desk staff, though greeted us, gave us the room key in a surly manner. I ignored her moroseness as I didn’t want to spoil the night; I rejoiced for the wide and convenient parking space instead.


Tagaytay Econo Inn's Reception Hall

Then, we were led to Kaye Ryan Grill Restaurant, where the budget rooms of Tagaytay Econo Inn are located. We moved our car in front of KRG so we can check for it from time to time. The parking was also spacious.

Kaye Ryan Grill Restaurant: A Partner of Tagaytay Econo Inn

The only way to our room is by passing through the restaurant’s interior, and since we arrived at the hotel at passed 11:00 pm, they were no customers at the dining area anymore. Suprisingly, this staircase led to Room 11, our love nest for the night. Ayihee!


Stairway to Heaven ;-P

Upon opening the door, what welcomed us was a neat and organized room. It has an a/c unit, colored tv, dresser, toilet and bath, and a small window where you can peek in for the morning sunshine. I had nothing to say against it until we laid on the bed. For some couples of minutes, I could feel something was crawling and biting my legs, making me feel itchy and uncomfortable. Bed bugs? I wasn’t sure, maybe some hospitable dust mites, wanting to make us feel at home. However, this incident didn’t last. I never felt their presence anymore after I dust off the sheets.


Our Love Nest ♥


A very useful dresser, it is.


Please come in, we're open!


Hot shower is the love!!!

The next morning, we were about to checked out at 10:00 am to have breakfast while on the way to our next destination: Chateau Royale. The crew informed us that we have free breakfast—freebies are pleasing to the ears, right?—so we didn’t entertained second thoughts. We looked for a table with a good view of the Taal Volcano and ordered breakfast.

Kaye Ryan Grill's Dining Area, Overlooking Taal Volcano

The Bar and Cashier Counter

Yobs ordered a chicken adobo meal and I had sauteed mackerel fish (which was actually from the can). Both meals included sunny side-up egg, fresh cucumber slices, rice, a choice of our drinks, and fresh mango fruit (Sorry, I forgot to take a photo of it).

Yobs' breakfast: chicken adobo, sunny side-up egg, fresh cucumber, and rice

My breakfast: suateed mackerel fish, sunny side-up egg, fresh cucumber, and rice

Healthy tea for Yobs and creamy coffee for me 🙂

There was nothing special about our meals, except the fact that it was FREE. Breakfast was ordinary—just something to fill the stomach—and worthed no more time for words. I can even say I should have had Jollibee chickenjoy instead.

Good thing the morning breeze in Tagaytay made me forget what I had just eaten. The foggy air was just so calming I was reminded that this day must be a lovely day!

The Facade of Tagaytay Econo Inn


Taal Volcano is more fun in Tagaytay 🙂

With future hubby ♥

I couldn’t think better how to end this blog post, so I am leaving you with a joke, something corny that is worth sharing for the laughs.

Knock! Knock! Who’s there? Tibet! Tibet who? Early TIBET, early to rise!

Now, does that make sense? Hahaha! Happy 2nd anniversary, Babes!

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Calling All Korean Companies in Cavite: Join the KES 2011 and Be Smart!

The Province of Cavite now serves to be among the most favorite hubs of Koreans, children and adults alike, along with Baguio and Cebu. When you go to malls, e.g., SM City Dasmariñas, you will see hundreds of them roaming around—sometimes in flocks, sometimes as couples, sometimes alone. They seem to really feel as if they are home.

Their parents send their children to Philippine schools, first and foremost, to learn English. Credits to our quality English-based education, which is cheaper compared to the rates being offered by their own country.

Not only Korean students are being sent to the Philippines for a purpose. At present, Korean companies and factories are built and established in various provinces, like Cavite, for the research and development, manufacturing, and marketing of Korean electronics and technology products. This is somehow good for the local economy because thousands of Caviteños work for these industries, giving them the opportunity to get a stable job and earn a living for their families.

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KEITI’s ECOTRADE Premier Environmental B2B Marketplace: Protecting the Environment while Doing Business and Trade

People are getting well informed nowadays about the importance of taking good care of the environment, as climate change and global warming have destructively came into the scene. The world has suffered from numerous catastrophes that destroyed properties and, worst, claimed lives.

Among countries, which started to think and go green to avoid such natural calamities is Korea, through its subsidiary governmental institute, Korea Environmental Industry and Technology Institute (KEITI).

ECOTRADE Premier Environmental B2B MarketplaceOne of KEITI’s project is ECOTRADE Premier Environmental B2B Marketplace, where environment-related products and services are offered online. Registration at ECOTRADE is hassle-free, as buyers do not have to undergo the tedious process of signing up and filling out forms. Find Korea’s latest environmental products and technology by simply writing down the items you need and sellers will immediately respond to the search queries. And because sellers are certified legal and authentic, buyers are safe and secured in transacting business and trade.

Interested? You might want to visit the Korea Environmental Technology and Industry Institute at http://www.ecotrade.or.kr/ and browse its Premier Environmental B2B Marketplace, visit ECOTRADE’s Facebook page, or watch KEITI’s introductory video on Youtube.
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Ilog Maria Honeybee Farms in Silang, Cavite: A Side Trip before Tagaytay City

After attending a blog event at Robinson’s Place-Dasmariñas, I immediately proceeded to Ilog Maria Honeybee Farms to meet their 5:30pm closing time. I had to go there to purchase some bottles of throat spray for my asthmatic bronchitis. I arrived at 5:15pm via public transportation.

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Tierra De Maria Haven Of Meditation and Enrichment, Tagaytay City

Last Holy Week, we went to Tierra de Maria Haven Of Meditation and Enrichment (H.O.M.E.) to complete our list of 7 churches (We got 8 actually!). Tierra de Maria homes the majestic 50-foot image of Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earth. This is a perpetual tribute to honor and venerate our beloved Virgin Mary.

Tierra de Maria Haven Of Meditation and Enrichment, Tagaytay City

Before, I thought that Tierra de Maria is just another church in Tagaytay City, but never did I know that it is also a place for healing. Millions of Marian devotees, tourists, and pilgrims from all walks of life come to visit Tierra de Maria because they believe in the healing power of God through the intercession of Mama Mary.

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