My First Corregidor Experience: An Adventure Challenge

On April 13, 2011, some members of the Pinoy Travel Bloggers community went to Corregidor Island in Cavite for the Corregidor Adventure Challenge, organized by Mr. Ivan Henares of Ivan About Town and sponsored by Sun Cruises, Inc.

It was my first time to meet with the group, except for Ada and Mica, who I already knew in the first years of my blogging career. It is really cool to gain new friends, especially when all of them have the same interest as yours.

The ferry which brought us from the CCP Bay Terminal to Corregidor Island

We arrived at the island in 1.15 hours via the Sun Cruises’ ferry and were transferred to the famous Corregidor tranvia for the island tour and adventure challenge.

Ada, Leo & Chinchan before the Corregidor Tram

The PTB members, guided by Sir Ivan and the Sun Cruises staff gave us heads up to the Battery Way, where we took some photos of the cannons used by the American and Filipino soldiers during World War II, against Japanese invaders. We were also instructed to wear our free adventure challenger’s shirts here.

The Battery Way

Traveling Nicely on a WWII fortress cannon

After the game orientation, we were divided into two groups: the red and orange teams. Team Horse (red) was composed of Ada Lajara, Marinelle de Leon, Ca de Ramos, Leo Reyman, Lloyd Lostboy and Marcos Caratao; while Team Jumshot (orange) included Ian dela Peña, Chinchan Lakwatsero, Ivan Cultura, Mica Rodriguez, Aleah Phils and me.

PTB members, a.k.a. the Corregidor Adventure Challengers

Gun start. Taking pictures during the game proper was as hard as remembering all the details, so here’s the blow-by-blow shots I (and the others) had while running here, trekking there, going up and down hills and tunnels.

Team Horse and Team Jumpshot listening very carefully to the game rules

Ivan going down the underground staircase for the next first scroll of clue

This way to the Battery Smith. Team Jumpshot looking for the second clue

Team Jumshot doing the mental game at the Red Cross Hospital

After finding the next clue, the two teams hurried to the next destination

Ian, Marinelle, and Marcos at the Duck Walk Tunnel

The Japanese Tunnel was the hardest part for me

Brainstorming and nosebleeding to get to the next level

We passed by the Corregidor Sundial Clock

Chinchan of Team Jumshot and Marinelle of Team Horse during another challenge

The Corregidor Lighthouse (Find me!)

Solving the jigsaw puzzle

Team Jumpshot emerged as the Corregidor Adventure Challenge winning team!

The Corregidor Adventure Challenge was indeed a great experience for me, as a first timer. I bet I wouldn’t have the same adrenaline rush if I chose the regular day tour. I hope to bring my family and friends here for some bonding moments, or my officemates for our team-building activity. Thank you also to my new friends, PTB members, for bravely facing and surmounting this challenge with me. I enjoyed it BIGTIME!

Experiencing Corregidor Zipline 🙂

Special thanks to Mr. Ivan Henares and Sun Cruises for the great opportunity, and to my fellow PTBs Mica, Aleah, Ada, Ian, and Kuya Ferdz of, for lending me your pictures.

Interested to go to Corregidor Island? You may contact them through their website, And for the adventure challenge, you may go here.

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14 Responses to My First Corregidor Experience: An Adventure Challenge

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  2. argh! I’ve always wanted to explore Corregidor but everytime my invite si Ivan wala naman ako. 😦 Nice to see PTB members having fun, pag si Ivan tlga ang-organize, parateng madameng games. hehe Hope to visit Corregidor, will look for a cheaper route unless my sponsored trip uli. hihi

    • Nicely says:

      @thepinaysolobackpacker: yeah, sana meron uli ganitong event for PTBs. At sana by the time, available ka na. Masyado ka kasing busy person Saka para mameet na rin kita in person. I’ve heard a lot of good things about you and your travels. I wanna learn more from the experts.

  3. aleah says:

    Nice chronicle. Buti naalala mo pa? hehe I still have to write about the Manila Bay cruise. Reserving that later!

    • Nicely says:

      Actually, pinilit ko lang alalahanin. Buti na lang ang dami nating pictures, lalo na sa camera mo. Salamat na din kay Kuya na bukod sa mga trivia eh nagsipag pang maging official photographer ng team natin.

      Ako din, may utang pang Manila Bay Cruise. Toinkz!

  4. it is still my dream to explore the corregidor up to now since everytime that we cruise on sea going to Manila, we always passed along this place.:-).

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  6. congrats! ang galing naalala mo pa lahat 🙂

  7. Ngayon ko pa lang tatapusin post ko about this hehe :)) Nakakamiss 😀

    • Nicely says:

      Hala! Super delayed ka na ah! Hehe! Di bale, wala namang deadline. Pupunta na ako sa ngayon para mabasa ko na ang much-awaited Corregidor post mo. 🙂

  8. ang sarap magpabalik balik !! tumakbo ng tumakbo, natanggal ang stress ko kahit feeling ko walang katapusan ang race.. hihihi

    • Nicely says:

      Bwahaha! Sinabi mo pa! May times na parang gusto ko ng mag-give up at magpaiwan na lang, pero dahil mababait at masasaya naman kayong kasama, pinilit kong lumaban. At eto nga, kami pa ang nanalong team. Orayt, emo mode ako ngaun. Sana maulit muli ♫ ♪

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