Ilog Maria Honeybee Farms in Silang, Cavite: A Side Trip before Tagaytay City

After attending a blog event at Robinson’s Place-Dasmariñas, I immediately proceeded to Ilog Maria Honeybee Farms to meet their 5:30pm closing time. I had to go there to purchase some bottles of throat spray for my asthmatic bronchitis. I arrived at 5:15pm via public transportation.

I rode a passenger jeepney with Tagaytay-Silang signboard and begged the driver to drop me by at Ilog Maria, Km.47 to be exact, as the map says in their website. I thought I was lost but when the driver said it was time for me to jump off, I was relieved, especially when I saw this sign.

This way to Ilog Maria Honeybee Farms

I was supposed to take a tricycle ride but when I asked a man I came across with, he said it was okay to walk because it was just nearby. So I went on. 5 minutes later, I was still on the dirt road. I happened to see another lady, around 30 years old or older and asked if Ilog Maria is “walkable,” then she said it was just at the end of the road, so I patiently walked and made the best out of everything I encountered on the way. Oh, well, I loved the natural setting: the greenery, the rays of the sun, the presence of a carabao, a family of goats, and some roosters, and of course, the breath of fresh air.

This dirt road is longer than you think; it's 700 meters long

When I reached the dead end, finally I saw the farm I have been looking for. The security guard welcomed me with all smiles and guided me to the store. I asked him if I could take pictures and he said yes, again with all smiles.

This is where you buy Ilog Maria products, but they prefer clients to buy online

At first, I thought I was the only customer to go there on a Sunday. I was surprised at the moment I saw more than five private vehicles parked on the assigned lot and a great number of buyers in the store. As I saw it, they were like panic-buying, with all the items they put in their shopping baskets. And take note, they seemed to be members of Class A, so I concluded that Ilog Maria is really well-known—the fact that clients from this class make effort to regularly purchase from here.

Buying personally from their store is more convenient for me than purchasing online. First, because of my residence’s proximity to their one and only store, and second, because prices offline are cheaper than that stated in the website.

My emergency shopping experience at Ilog Maria was fun. Actually, I bought more than what I wrote in my shopping list. With all the products available on display, you have no choice but overwhelm  yourself.

Ilog Maria products

Bee Pollen as energizer, fat burner, natural vitamins, minerals, and enzymes

Throat Spray (anti-viral, antibacterial, and antioxidant) freshens breath, eases sore throat, quiet smoker's cough, and keeps gums healthy

Lip Balm made of beeswax, honey, and propolis

Bee Propolis as immune system booster; for asthma, cough, colds, fever, flu, gout, rheumatism, and and allergies

Spearmint Soap as a mild exfoliant and relief for skin asthma

Other products are pure honey, scented candles, aromatherapy/massage oils, etc.

The actual Ilog Maria honeybee farm

All the ingredients they use are natural

Ilog Maria also has a museum for visitors who want to know more about beekeeping. You may find familiar boxes where bees are kept for honey production. The museum is clean and organized, however, I suggest that Ilog Maria (I hope they read this) display more information and crafts about beekeeping, honey-making, and the benefits of using honey in everyday life. In addition, I know Ilog Maria is a family business, so why not showcase its origin and how they evolve to be popular all over Cavite and other neighboring towns.

Ilog Maria Museum

Models of bee hives and factories of honey

An actual bee hive: here you can see how bees make honey

They are as busy as they are! Bees in the house, yo!

I am busy as they were as I am writing this post now ♥

I find them sooooooo cute! Can I pet them?

As I was enjoying my stroll around the farm, I noticed some ladies all occupied with what they were doing so I took a look and found out that they are the ones who manually process the items being sold by Ilog Maria.

The small factory where Ilog Maria products are processed

The reason why Ilog Maria does not open other branches in other places, and limit online purchases per customer, is that they want to make sure that their products meet the standards to satisfy their customers. As we all know, producing honey takes time. We do not want to buy items with extenders and fake ingredients, right? For this, I want to commend Ilog Maria for providing their customers with affordable, effective, and quality products.

I left the store before 6pm as I did not want to be on the dirt road when it was already dark. Remember, I had to walk again. When I got to the gate, I passed by this sign board and took note of the time and days that they are open, as I plan to come back here when I ran out of supplies. Thank goodness, they are always open on weekends.

Please note that they are closed on Mondays

While walking, I noticed this wind pump, which are used extensively on farms and ranches to generate energy (Source: Wikipedia). It is still on the property of Ilog Maria. I was waiting for it to face my direction but it never happened. Therefore, the wind was coming from the northeast. Okay, I was just pretending to be a scientist or a weather forecaster, so tell me if I was wrong.

Wind Pump in Ilog Maria, Silang, Cavite

Again, I was on the long and winding dirt road. How I wished a prince riding on a black stallion would fetch me up and bring me to my destination—which was Aguinaldo Highway.

Alone again naturally...along the long and winding road

Upon arriving at home, I hurriedly took a photo of what I bought, before my camera ran out of batteries. For documentation, these were my chosen items.

My purchased items worth Php 550.00

Spearmint Soap = Php 60.00
Honey Propolis Throat Spray (Php 75.00) x 2 = Php Php 150.00
Lip Balm (Php 65.00) x 2 = Php 130.00
Bee Pollen = Php 100.00
Bee Propolis = Php 110.00

So far, all the products I bought are effective in treating my dry cough, skin asthma, and chapped lips. I also regained the energy I lost after dealing with asthmatic bronchitis.

If you find this post helpful and you are interested in purchasing from Ilog Maria Honeybee Farms, you can visit them at:

Km. 47, Silang, Cavite
Tel/Fax no. (046)865-0018

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13 Responses to Ilog Maria Honeybee Farms in Silang, Cavite: A Side Trip before Tagaytay City

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  2. cool! when I was in Cameron we visited a bee sanctuary, but I didnt get to see them up close like you did, bec the guide just left us w/o even explaining or showing us the bees, nainggit naman, sana makapunta ako jan,

  3. In a place that appears to be in the middle of nowhere, there’s such a store. Good choice talaga nila to build their first store sa para may choice din ang visitor na mag-tour. Thanks for the tour Nicely. 🙂

    • Nicely says:

      I’m glad you liked my post, Leo. Actually, it’s as if the road’s leading to nowhere, pero at the end of the road, meron palang ganitong lugar. It was indeed an accomplishment for me, kasi ngayon ko lang napuntahan ang Ilog Maria kahit ang lapit-lapit lang nito samin.

  4. May bago na naman akong sidetrip on the way to Tagaytay 🙂 I wanna try the lip balm made of beeswax at check out its museum.

    • Nicely says:

      Yeah, try mo ung lip balm. Mas mura sya compared sa mga nabibili sa mall, sigurado ka pang pure beeswax itong galing sa Ilog Maria. 🙂

  5. Oh I’d love to try their products… especially the bee propolis!

    • Nicely says:

      Bee propolis tastes like wine. Masarap inumin before bedtime, pero shempre moderately lang. 24 drops per day. Subok na namin ng pinsan ko, pareho kaming gumaling agad ang ubo’t sipon.

  6. Gracie says:

    ang ganda ng ilog maria 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. annie sabangan says:

    i should like to visit ilog maria one day…maybe this october.(2012)….

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