Calling All Korean Companies in Cavite: Join the KES 2011 and Be Smart!

The Province of Cavite now serves to be among the most favorite hubs of Koreans, children and adults alike, along with Baguio and Cebu. When you go to malls, e.g., SM City Dasmariñas, you will see hundreds of them roaming around—sometimes in flocks, sometimes as couples, sometimes alone. They seem to really feel as if they are home.

Their parents send their children to Philippine schools, first and foremost, to learn English. Credits to our quality English-based education, which is cheaper compared to the rates being offered by their own country.

Not only Korean students are being sent to the Philippines for a purpose. At present, Korean companies and factories are built and established in various provinces, like Cavite, for the research and development, manufacturing, and marketing of Korean electronics and technology products. This is somehow good for the local economy because thousands of Caviteños work for these industries, giving them the opportunity to get a stable job and earn a living for their families.

Mitsuwa Chemical Co., Ltd. at the Cavite Economic Zone-PEZA, Rosario, Cavite

The holding of the Korea Electronic Show 2011 on October 12-15, 2011 is timely and relevant as members of the Cavite Economic Zone-PEZA community need to continue searching for more alternatives to grow their industries, not only for themselves, but for the benefit of their employees, workers, and clients as well.

KES 2011 is Coming Soon!

The event’s theme, “Be Smart,” showcases the convergence between software and hardware, and its application to further improve our lives. This show is expected to widen the electronic and technology industries of Korea and its partner-countries such as India, Russia, Canada, Japan, China, Indonesia, and other neighboring countries.

And to make it more exciting, Smartphone app will be released soon for KES 2011 participants, so they can register online and get updates about Korea’s biggest electronics show this year.

KES 2011 is Coming Soon!

Visit the Korea Electronics Show 2011 website at and/or like them on Facebook and Twitter for more details.

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6 Responses to Calling All Korean Companies in Cavite: Join the KES 2011 and Be Smart!

  1. Ron says:

    Wow, for sure many KOREANS and FILIPINOS as well will benefit from this event. Great project and show! Keep it up!

  2. CyLab says:

    I think this is a must-see event. I hope I can attend this one. I guess the mutual relationship of Philippines and Korea, with the former providing affordable English education and the latter sharing its cutting edge technology, grows stronger that the cultural difference becomes unnoticeable at all. Events like this should be done sustained. Hats off to the organizers 🙂

  3. Mauie Flores says:

    It’s good to know that Koreans help stabilize our economy with the factories they build here. Caviteños are lucky to have jobs available right in their province.

  4. Mekinudols says:

    Philippines had offered a good education and passion for Korea’s culture and ‘they’ gave back with good opportunities in return. Good job! Two awesome countries for anew tandem? Aja!

  5. Divine says:

    Wow, great event! Wish I could attend!

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